Media Saver

Using Media Saver you will be able to download and save audio and video files from any sites, which provides for listening or viewing from your browser.


Download music and video from YouTube,, vimeo,, Hypem, DailyMotion, FaceBook  etc.


software for music and video saving from any web-site

download Media Saver

How to download music and video with Media Saver soft

Step by step instruction
  • Step 1. Launch Media Saver.
  • Step 2. Start to view/listen to video/audio files that you want to save onto your computer.
    In this case all these files will appear in Media Saver window.
  • Step 3. Double click on appropriate file in Media Saver and the file will be saved in a specify folder.
Video instruction
Video instruction "How to download music from (" with the help of Media Saver
Video instruction
Video instruction “How to save YouTube videos using Media Saver”