Media Saver

Media Saver can grab any audio and video files from any web-sites, where you can listen or watch this files from web-browser.


Download music and videos from YouTube,, Mail.Ru,,  etc.


application for grab music
and video from WEB

download Media Saver
Просмотры и закачки программы на SOFT@Mail.Ru

"Media Saver" на скачивания / отзывы - рейтинг
How to verify sms price on short number
  1. Smscoin
    SmsCoin - international sms billing.
    Verify price - choose your country and operator.
  2. - original web-service for check sms prices.
    Put the number - get the price.
P.S. You will see all prices while purchasing in the interface of application, but you can verify it if you want.
Comments about payments